Supper at sea

5 Course Dinner

Have a romantic sunset dinner while the scenery around you changes. Our private chef has created a delicious 5-course dinner menu with fresh-caught fish and local ingredients for $65pp (excluding drinks)

Snorkel Tour

Start your day snorkeling around Bonaire, surrounded by colorful fish and turtles, living on our protected coral reefs. $90pp including drinks and lunch

Private Charter on

Sail away on board the luxurious Melisa sailing Bonaire, a 50-foot Gulet sailing yacht for a fun-filled trip within the Bonaire Marine Park.
Prices start at $250 (3 hours minimum) excluding catering

About Melisa Sailing

Sail away on board the luxurious Melisa Sailing Bonaire, a 50-foot Gulet sailing yacht for fun-filled trips within the Bonaire Marine Park. She is a two-masted wooden sailing vessel from turkey, bought in Italy, and has seen many parts of the world. She has two comfortable decks, one in front and one in back. Both are easily accessible and safely secured with stylish cushions and a wooden railing.

“Best restaurant experience on Bonaire”

My last trip on Melisa was a dinner cruise. It simply is amazing what delicious food the chef prepares in the small kitchen on board. Far better than most Bonaire restaurants serve on shore. Lots of small exclusive servings, just perfect.

If you want to go out for an exclusive dinner on Bonaire, and also would like to enjoy that dinner on a very special location in a special atmosphere, this is an experience you can’t afford to miss.
Robbert Roelofsen
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