About Melisa Sailing

We are Ernst and Ike, we are both Dutch and have been friends for over thirty years.  we shared an apartment in Amsterdam and, we were in search of a new adventure in our lives. Our dream was, to buy a nice sailing boat to sail the beautiful Caribbean waters and share this experience with others.

On a Sunday morning sitting on the couch in Ike’s apartment, we decided to buy a boat. But, not just any boat. We wanted a nice sailing boat with character. After looking for traditional fibreglass catamarans from brands like Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot and visiting several boat shows in Dusseldorf and Nice. Ike mentioned a different type of boat

Turkish Gulet

The Gulet is very similar to the Schooner with its shape and sailing structure. On the other hand, its rounded stern gives the Gulet it’s unique character and this is where it distinguishes it from a Schooner.

Bodrum (Turkey) is the master place of building the GULET type of yachts that are made by hand from wood. There are well-known masters in the history of Gulet building in Bodrum

Even today’s masters follow the same process had been established by shipbuilder Ziya Güvendiren, latest technologies have been also implemented on the production side as wood bending and lamination, in order to enhance the strength of these remarkable yachts over the last decades.

The harmonious use of wood, in marine constructions and in particular in the construction of gulets, has allowed a constructive approach based on classic lines with modern development, supported by new technologies now tested and accepted in the nautical world.

The Turkish Adventure

off we went to Turkey visiting boatyards and gulet brokers in harbour towns like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and even Istanbul.

We looked with a boat surveyor for a year and still, could not find what we were looking for. After seeing about 70 boats we Lost faith and decided to quit

2 days before we left Marmaris an Italian Man called Massimo us and told us he would help to search.

back in Amsterdam

Coming back from Marmaris (Turkey) we were very disappointed that we could not find our boat for Bonaire. The Caribbean is waiting for our adventure and after one year of searching thousands of Euro’s spent on visits and the bottom line: we do not have a boat :

Out of the Blue came this WhatsApp from Massimo
We were shocked and the rollercoaster started to depart.We asked for the owner’s name and thought this was to good to bet true….

After calling mr Delfino a few times we decided to Go to Italy to meet Nicola and see and inspect Melisa. We had a wonderful dinner at his great restaurant Al Fresco in Milano

Melisa Sailing

Melisa is a beautifully crafted wooden 50 ft long Turkish Gulet.

She is totally hand-build in Bodrum, by master craftsmen. She is a beauty, with her two wooden masts, three magnificent sails and beautiful spacious teak decks, If fully occupied, she can host up to 45 people.

Inside Melisa holds three-bedroom cabins, each with a connected bathroom, and cosy living space with kitchen. Outside she has four large open teak decks, fitted with custom made cushions, in luxurious style Italian fabric. Melisa has absolutely everything and more, to make you feel welcome and comfortable. We Love Melisa, and surely you will too.


Melisa is now located in Bonaire ready for you to be chartered on Day Bonaire sailing and Snorkelling trips >, Kralendijk Sunset sailing and snorkeling trips > and a special Sushi Sunday trip. Contact us > Home>