Sunset trip Melisa private charter with points of interest Bonaire

Sunset sailing along the coast of Bonaire.

Sunset sailing along with the points of interest of Bonaire, a must-do activity when you are visiting the island. One of the best things to do in Bonaire, is watching the sunset at night. Escape the busy nightlife in Bonaire and set foot on deck, let yourself be amazed by the view of one of the world’s most beautiful phenomenon, a Bonaire sunset, followed by an infamous green flash.

Bonaire Amazing Sunset trip

Melisa will take you on a sunset sail tour, along the west-coast of Kralendijk Bonaire, and the Bonaire points of interest. Just before sunset, we will moor on a buy, and give you the chance to explore the underwater world whilst snorkeling, or take a refreshing swim. 

Nightlife in Bonaire

On Bonaire we often witness stunning sunsets, whether you’re watching from land, or from the seas. It’s mesmerizing.

Our island is not far from the equator, which means the sun sets steadily around 6 PM every day.
Every tour we do, we show you all of Bonaire’s points of interest, before we moore and watch the scenery change.

Almost everywhere in the world, you may witness a sunset, one even more impressive than the other. What’s so special about the setting sun on Bonaire? Some days, we see what we call: The Green Flash. This is a bright green flash of light, just as the sun settles into the sea. Another breathtaking phenomenenon we witness on bonaire is the so called Golden Hour. In this short period of time, just before sunset, the light changes to a golden tint. Perfect for unique piqtures of the Bonaire points of interest we cruise along.

The best way to be able to see this is, watching from the water. This way you can focus on the exact point where the sun sets, and have a clear line of horizon.

So dream away, see all of Bonaire’s points of interest

Melisa sailing also offers a sunset trip including a delicious sushi dinner, during this tour we will sail along bonaire’s points of interest, whilst serving you an amazing dinner experience. Check out our Sushi Sunday Sunset tour.