Bonaire snorkeling trip on Melisa sailing on a wooden sailboat

Bonaire snorkeling tours with Melisa Sailing

Bonaire snorkeling tour on Melisa, sail away on our sail and snorkel tour, along the beautiful coasts of Bonaire, Kralendijk and Klein Bonaire.

Enjoy a Bonaire snorkeling tour with Melisa Sailing. We will cruise along the coast of Kralendijk Bonaire , before we moore at Andrea I or Andrea II, diving in to exciting activities to complete your Bonaire excursions.

Melisa sailing and snorkelling tour 4Hrs $60pp

– 10 AM departure from Harbour Village Marina
– 2 PM return to Harbour Village Marina
– Open bar and finger foods are included
– Quality snorkeling gear available onboard Melisa,
including High-quality full face, half face masks, snorkels and fins

What to expect on this Bonaire snorkeling tour

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing drift snorkel, an adventurous turtle snorkel or a private guided snorkel, Melissa Sailing Bonaire provides unforgettable snorkeling excursions for everybody.

Spend 4 hours sailing, swimming, snorkelling, relaxing, and experience Bonaire’s exceptional waters.

Andrea is one of the most beautiful spots for snorkelling on Bonaire, because of its rich, hard and soft corals, which already grow fully at a depth of 6 meters. Excellent for snorkelling. Andrea is also known for its exciting varieties of underwater life, swimming just beneath you.

You may have the chance to admire Sea-turtles, Barracuda’s and even Seahorses and dolphins, amongst many other beautiful creatures. The deepest point of Andrea’s reefs are seen at a depth of 20 meters, where as other reefs usually start at this depth. Perfect for snorkeling!

What is snorkelling?

Snorkeling is swimming on the surface of the water, with a diving mask on, and a tube specially designed for breathing underwater. Usually you wear swim fins, this enables you to swim greater distance without burning all your energy. While swimming with swim fins, u mainly use your legs and feet, and keep your arms crossed against your body.

This position will help keep you warm and preventing you from touching the corals with your hands, as most of them cannot survive human touch. Whilst snorkelling, the main thing you have to do is, enjoy the mesmerizing sights of the underwater world.

Night snorkel Bonaire

Night snorkeling Bonaire? Be aware that night snorkeling can be very dangerous. This is only advised if you are an experienced snorkeler or scuba diver and familiar with the Bonaire coastline and reefs. If the tide is low, and you are swimming in shallow waters, it is very possible that rocks and or hard corals get above the surface of the water, and are very hard to see. Above water orientation can be challenging while snorkeling at night. If you want to go snorkeling at night, be sure to go on a guided snorkeling tour. Usually provided by a local dive school or watersports center.

Bonaire snorkeling 2019 Stinapa Tag

Snorkeling is a very popular activity on Bonaire, because of its island-wide, protected Marine Park.

Be sure to buy your personal Stinapa tag, and be a part of the preservation of the wonders of the Bonarian reefs.

Pay attention to the fact that the Bonaire Snorkeling 2018 Tag is not valid anymore, and make sure to get your Bonaire Snorkeling 2020 Tag in time for the new year. The tags are valid for the whole calendar year. The tag is also valid for Klein Bonaire snorkeling, for snorkeling in Curacao or Aruba snorkeling, there are other nature fees.
Buy your tag here:

The tourism industry on Bonaire offers a great deal of different snorkelling tours, on different boats. Such as The Sea-Cow, Compass, and the many boat trips available at Epic Tours.
However Melisa sailing Bonaire is the ultimate holiday experience for you and your family.

The tourism industry on Bonaire offers a great deal of different snorkelling tours, on different boats. Such as The Sea-Cow, Compass, and the many boat trips available at Epic Tours

“We have visited Bonaire many times, and have been going on snorkeling trips with Blue Bay Bonaire, Seacow Bonaire, Woodwind Bonaire, Epic Tours and the Compass on Bonaire they are all great.
When we took the Melisa Sunset Snorkel Cruise, we were totally amazed by the beauty of this hand build Wooden Turkish Gulet “Melisa”. She is not only different from all the other glass fiber (white)traditional sailing boats but she truly breathes character.
Her large wooden teak decks with nice cushions were so easy to relax on. The way to walk around the whole ship was very convenient and there was no tilting like on other boats. For sure the most beautiful sailing and snorkeling experience we have had in the past 10 years on the beautiful waters of Bonaire.”

Ingrid en Jon