People having fun on The Melisa in our Sushi restaurant Bonaire

Bonaire sushi restaurant
at sea.

Are you a sushi lover? Come aboard Melisa and step in Bonaire sushi restaurant at sea, on Sunday’s, and let yourself be surprised by our sushi chef Jaimy Lee.

Sushi on Bonaire

We welcome you to enjoy a unique experience of sailing along the Bonaire coastline at sunset, and getting your breath be taken away by our sushi chef,  Jaimy Lee, preparing beautiful Japanese food right in front of you. Having dinner, in our Bonaire sushi restaurant

There is no sound but the sound of the wind. You will find yourself dinning in another world. Watch the scenery around change, as the sun sets. See the lovely Bonaire skyline appear on shore, and relax.

Why sushi?

In Bonaire restaurants , you come across a lot of sea-food, which we love! But we also like to have another take at this. A sesame seared tuna, or grilled red snapper we’ve all seen way to many times. We wanted to do things differently, so we came up with Bonaire sushi restaurant at sea.

There is only one sushi restaurant on Bonaire, Osaka restaurant we think it is a pity, that there is only one great sushi restaurant on Bonaire. So we decided, to join the sushi scene and turn Melisa into a sushi restaurant on the water, which really adds up to the experience.

Meet the Chef, Jaimy.

Together with a local sushi chef, Jaimy Lee, we’ve created an unique sushi experience that takes Bonaire’s most popular seafood to another level.. On the most beautiful, romantic boat in the Caribbean.

It all started in 2002 for Jaimy Lee, when she was 11 years old and moved to Bonaire with her parents. She finished school on the island, and decided to run a Bed & Breakfast, combined with a bar. The business was not as busy as she hoped it to be,  so she introduced a sushi night once a week.

Jaimy wanted local people, and people who couldn’t afford to go out to expensive sushi restaurants on Bonaire, to still be able to have a nice night out and enjoy sushi. With her creativity and love for sushi, she slowly started to make a name for herself. Serving people from the heart.

In 2016, her parents got the opportunity to buy the Terra Cora ranch, a cozy restaurant located on an old ranch. This was a bigger, and better location for Jaimy her sushi nights. The first year of sushi nights at the Ranch was though, not all guests liked sushi and it felt like building her name, all over again. But nevertheless, she pulled trough. And now here she is, a few years later, every sunday her own sushi restaurant on Bonaire at Melisa Sailing.

Melisa Sushi Sunday at sea dinner tour 4Hrs $90 PP

2:30 PM departure from Harbour Village Marina.
7:30 PM return in Harbour Village Marina
Sailing along the beautiful coastline of Bonaire.
Mooring at one of the most beautiful snorkelling spots